About Sadness

Hello 2016!! Should I ask you to treat me nice? I guest I prefer ask a strength than a easiness. Like in my every single Dhuha, I beg to the God to make me stronger than yesterday. I ask the ways out for every problems which I will face off.

This morning I saw my sister's blackberry display picture. The pic is a woman with hijab who wiping her tears away. And beside that woman, there are words which means if you believe in God, then you don't need to cry for the world issues.

I remember a good article in Hipwee that I red recently. That article is about sadness. The author wrote as a human is okay to feel bad sometimes. It's okay to cry sometimes. If the world drags you down, then crying is fine. Crying is one of ways to make you feel better. 

The God give us so many emotions. One day you feel glad, the next day you feel worst. One day you feel like a loser, the other day you feel blessing. It's natural. There are not something wrong about that.

I don't tell you that my sister is wrong. Sadness is just a natural feeling like the others emotions. I guest it's getting worst if you drown so deep into sadness and nothing can bring you up. My sister isn't wrong, but not all her statement is right. 

FYI, I feel bad right now. Maybe my tears gonna turn out for minutes. Today the world didn't treat me nice, but that's okay. I will fine and will find my self stronger tomorrow.

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